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Beijing Guang Hua Beijing, micro-credit financial services company is a professional company focused on enterprise financing credit, Beijing, Beijing, Beijing SME loan, SME Bank lending, small and micro enterprises in Beijing Beijing Beijing, micro-loans, credit, credit loans, Beijing company, Beijing company Beijing enterprises loans, Beijing, small business credit, small business loans and other services in Beijing. Beijing Guang hua is China's first financial services company to embrace regulation of Internet banking platform, practice a strict separation of funds managed by third parties and clearing and settlement, insulating illegal fund-raising and capital pool. Kwong Wa financial "inclusive financial, Xinyi, China" as a concept, using leading technologies to achieve financing needs of borrowers with matching investors with surplus funds, committed to faster, lower-cost way to meet individual or SME borrowing requirement, as well as for the Chinese masses rich with low threshold, more secure and higher-yielding asset management services. Guanghua financial platform on March 31, 2013 launch, end of February 2015, the cumulative transaction volume exceeded 5 billion yuan, in an absolutely leading position in the industry. Guanghua first financial P2C lending as well as professional services by the market recognition and praise, Kwong Wah before the financial business layout from Beijing and around extension to the national level, has been in Shanghai, Yunnan, Henan, Chongqing, Shandong, Inner Mongolia, Jiangxi, to set up branches. With all Internet business in the country of investment and financing of investment, more credit guarantee companies, leasing companies, factoring companies, and love to invest in a good strategic relations of cooperation. Guanghua finance seeks to build an efficient, secure, transparent, WINS "Internet innovation factory" in achieving rational allocation of resources, promote market-oriented interest rate plays an important role in the process. Kwong Wa financial combines its innate Internet gene and the unique benefits of financial innovation, take concrete actions to respond positively to the national call to encourage and guide non-State capital into the real economy and social undertakings.

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