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Control the cost of loan

Control the cost of loan

first, you can choose a lower bank interest rates

radically lowering interest rates it is necessary to select a low interest rate for bank loans, interest rates into the benchmark interest rates and commercial rate, base rate is unified by a Central Bank decision, Bank lending is the specific interest rate is determined by the commercial rates. Commercial rates are based on benchmark interest rates of commercial banks float adjusted income. However, different bank floating rate is different, and results in a specific rate. So, may choose to lower bank interest rates on loans.

Second, their own criteria to select the type of low interest rate loans

there are many kinds of loans, and more different solo standard it can be divided into many types of loans, and the different types of loans, the interest rate is not the same. So in terms of loans, is based on the actual situation of their own to choose the type of loan, such as on the term of the loan, try to reduce the term of the loan the interest rate can be reduced a lot.

third, according to the economic situation in the judgment to select the type of interest rate

loan interest rate type option can have a fixed interest rate on loans or adjustable-rate mortgages, loans in two ways, in different condition of economic development are good. May be to judge the taboo situation, you will be able to adapt to change to select the type of preferential interest rates.


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