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Characteristics of the working capital loan

Characteristics of the working capital loan

(1), the short duration of the loan

working capital loans of very short duration, from their conception, for working capital loans are short-term funding needs for production, plays the role of working capital. Short-term loans for banks, you can achieve the principle of liquidity loans, and borrowers, the short-term risks of loans on very liberal.

(2) loans are very simple

working capital loans revolving loan can be achieved, and can also be used shorter loan term, in terms of process a loan has long been a weakness for bank loans. But working capital loans to short-term revolving loans, in the back of the loan are very simple, can also make the capital flow flow increase.

(3), the low cost of financing

loans to finance, its cost is the interest on the loans, are also related to the term of the loan interest on loans, generally the longer the term of the loan interest is high, whereas the shorter the term of the loan less interest. As a short-term loans, working capital loans, interest is relatively low.


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