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P2P industry talent shortage of talents become battlegrounds

&Nbsp;   real estate market known as the "ten gold and nine silver" is, for the purposes of the labour market, after the recruiting season is usually in the Spring Festival every year in March or April, is called "gold three silver and four". Recruitment launched by the spring of 2015 white-collar job index survey report shows that from December last year to January this year, the user's willingness to cover increased, compared with the same period in previous years growth in new registered users 25.7%. Among them, IT, communications, electronics, the Internet industry and white-collar workers in the financial sector the share of job-hopping in the top.
on long-term in "Careers" State of P2P industry,, practitioners job wishes rose, is is put "double edged sword", while means with has more of "fresh blood" is expected to joined, while also means with personnel liquidity more strong, this undoubtedly further speed up has the big platform compete for excellent talent of rhythm, while increased has P2P talent market of liquidity and competition situation, talent market of competition or became P2P industry 2015 battlefield Shang of " First fire ".
how fire is the P2P market?
the Internet boom in the financial sector, produces a great deal of employment gaps, P2P companies on the one hand from the traditional financial industry and the Internet industry absorbs a great deal of talent, as well as in the development of their trained a large number of "crossover" talent, to promote both business and technical innovation "talent pool".
with "gruel" to described Internet financial industry overall human resources supply status does not for had: regardless of is to Ali, and Beijing East for representative of March supply chain financial of electric business company, also is to P2P, and all raised for representative of new Internet financial platform, or is transformation in the of Bank, and securities, traditional financial institutions, are in full compete for both financial and Internet practitioners background of scarce talent.
what is on fire hot-P2P market?
industry development trend and policy guidance is also an important reason for the P2P industry talent market to increased competition. According to net loan House annual report statistics, by the end of 2014, with "VC" background of P2P companies has reached 29, the injection of foreign capital more dynamic P2P platform, P2P industry wages are also rising.
in recently held of national two Shang, State Prime Minister Li keqiang in Government work report in the proposed has "promote Internet financial health development, perfect financial regulatory coordination mechanism" of views, this is Internet financial first was writes Government work report, displayed has national promote Internet financial industry development of confidence, on has records joined P2P industry of practitioners, cannot fail to said is a agent "strong heart needle".
to the staff person, income, welfare, corporate development is the important factor to affect career choice, that in the Internet industry is no exception. Dapuxin the 2014 Internet report of the talent shortage in the financial sector, according to the compensation and benefits, career platform and team environment is critical for companies to attract and retain staff.
the financial industry is in a period of rapid development of the Internet, along with the rapid growth of the company, the staff can be more open channels of promotion, coupled with Internet companies, "open" atmosphere, and attracted a large number of seeks its own development practitioners to join. Geometry
P2P market demand?
from the perspective of post structure, dapuxin the 2014 Internet report of the talent shortage in the financial sector, according to the Internet most product managers and operations managers in the financial sector is scarce, as an emerging industry of Internet financial has more than 10 jobs are scarce in the 70%.
worry-Center for human resource research publication of the separated in 2015 and salary survey report shows that despite decline in overall salary increase is expected in 2015, but 2015 technical research and development staff salary increase are still relatively high, reaching 10.3%, and technology research and development staff is the P2P industry talent gap, neither demand nor the "paid love" call all the way.
from talent quality of needs angle,, P2P industry apparently more need has "strong Internet" background of talent joined, first, Internet people has strongly of "user consciousness", they for user experience and user needs has quite sensitive of smell, this a features regardless of is from products and service development also is market promotion of angle starting, are is extremely important of quality. Secondly, the spirit of innovation and Subversion are the core of the Internet industry, high efficiency, highly sought innovative industry, P2P industry clearly need more "surge capacity" of talent.
who is "fuel"?
recruitment website has become the P2P industry to absorb talents in important positions, spring of 2015 in the labour market and fighting, apart from recruitment, old job from the worry Web site, network, hunt hired network focused on the Internet industry in recruiting sites are gearing up, have launched a unique selling point of the recruiting publicity focus.
a job site hit the "switch for all months" concept in its main "big six" sector, Internet banking and mobile Internet, automotive Internet hot industry became candidate is a hot industry.
2015 P2P industry remain competitive, good people, it is an excellent source of enterprise's growth, predictable is that all major P2P platforms for both the Internet and financial background talent competition will be more intense. P2P platform only grab in the war for talent in order to encourage market competition after a foothold.

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