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Equity financing in the Government work report the investment bank three nuggets

&Nbsp;  "equity financing pilot writes the Government work report, means that the Government recognize this form of financing is a member of the capital markets. "Previously, in accordance with the points made by the representative of the national people's Congress amended the Government work report made clear the" equity financing "pilot program as one part of the financial reform this year.
the so-called public financing (Crowdfunding) refers to the use of the network's transmission, to investors to raise funds to finance the network. Raise funds at the same time, achieve the effect of publicity.
"all the chip industry's rapid development, is of great significance to China's economic development. On one hand, raise industry's development, for the traditional model of financial development and innovation provides new ideas and direction, to promote the continuous improvement of our financial system, to better serve the real economy. "The owner said," on the other hand, all the chip industry developments reducing the threshold for financing, innovative enterprises as well as medium and small enterprises of science and technology of the Internet, to a certain extent, ease the financing difficulty of the situation, to support the development of small and medium enterprises have greater significance. "
it is worth mentioning that, in equity financing for the pilot were added to the Government work report at the same time, on March 12, issued by the State Council on the development of guidelines for space propulsion mass innovation also noted that Internet equity financing pilot will be undertaken under the State Council, raised on public innovation and entrepreneurship by the enhanced service capabilities.
"raised platform will be widely applied to Visual art, creative living, technology and design, medical relief, raising tuition, travel funding, real estate investment, financing, financing for research and other areas. Stakes raised in culture, real estate has been in the areas of good practice. "In 2014 from the industry perspective, equity raising successful financing mainly relate to local life service, mobile/SNS social classes, such as advertising and marketing, education and training.
due to the equity raise is based on a certain number of shares of the company to investors in return for end investors access to actual gain depends on the actual operating situation of the company. Therefore, investment will focus on the management of investment projects management, financial disclosure and disposition of assets.

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