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P2P finance city was "guaranteed" ball

Operation for six years, sold tens of billions of Yuan of well-known P2P platforms-financing, recently broke withdrawal difficult. Consideration of the difficulties, the platform said no fallback, and said the financing package items thrown the settlement expires, if not actively converted to equity share (Platform for these equity shares could be converted into shares after listing), you can only wait for equity repo party to recover funds, but time is not guaranteed. Platform had announced plans in late 2015 us listings. Facing the difficult financing city told reporters, finance city network listing is not affected in any way.
but the economic reference newspaper survey found that financing city suspected of violating P2P platforms may not guarantee the red line. Financing of investment projects of interest in publishing the repo--Sheng asset management limited (hereinafter referred to as Sheng assets) major shareholders are Shenzhen cornucopia asset management limited (hereinafter referred to as the cornucopia property). Legal representative of the Sheng and cornucopia of assets per capita for Zhang Xuexiang. Moreover, Sheng capital management limited is a credit guarantee company, its registered capital of only 50 million Yuan, but its projects have been responsible for repurchase of a billion of Yuan. Insiders, who asked not to be named said the so-called rights of repurchase by the industry understand is "reveals", walking in this way is guaranteed.
finance and equity buybacks to finance affiliates
reporter at city's official website found that its main products are packages of assets and financing package, which assets belong to the equity investment, investment financing package belongs to the creditor's rights.
of City financing package project, belongs to corporate financing, dominated by large scale between 2 million to 12 million. The economic information newspaper found that most of the equity buy-back of Sheng assets. Such as a village called Dragon King Lake Resort art project 8 Group's financing package phase 1 project, the full purchase amount of 13 million Yuan, the project period of 180 days, expected annual return on investment of not less than 20%, their rights acquisition for Sheng assets. Another name for nephrite white jade assets 4 6 Group's financing package project, project size is 3 million, project period of 180 days, the expected annual return on investment of not less than 19.2%, rights acquisition for Sheng assets.
has a number of investors are reflected to reporters gathered holding assets associated with the city suspected of financing enterprises. Press enquiries, business information and learned that financing city cornucopia and the shareholders are holding assets assets. Cornucopia of assets in total financing contribution for 60%, Sheng total assets ratio is 30%.
press enquiries, business information and found that the Shenzhen Sheng asset management limited, legal representative of human Zhang Xuexiang, with registered capital of 50 million Yuan, business scope, including assets management; investments in industrial projects; in the Internet industry investment. Office address in the "new luxury building, shennan road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen". And financing shareholders ' company of the city of Shenzhen cornucopia asset management limited, its legal representative human Zhang Xuexiang, registered capital is 10 million RMB, business scope, including assets management, corporate image planning, domestic trade, computer hardware and software development, sales, and management consulting. Financing City website city of Finance Office is also "new luxury building, shennan road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen". The above information shows that finance and assets Sheng two company affiliates.
above the industry told reporters that finance most of the financing package will benefit around 20% City, yields are high, from the current industry, if not invest in real estate markets, risk.
financing package difficult
platform not to the equity
according to industry portals--net credit House show, March 9-week of 15th, there are a number of problems with P2P platform, including the well-known platform withdrawal difficulties to finance city. This outbreak are difficult problems with the financing of projects, a few days ago, a number of investors reflects the Finance website removed all of the financing package, due not settled all the financing package.
a finance investor told the economic information daily press, buy yourself a due on March 24, the Dragon King Lake Resort art hotel 1 5 group project, has not yet been settled. Finance city projects were due, but it hasn't come back, investors have two choices, one is to be turned into financing equity shares, after listing the rights share can be converted into shares; second, as investors awaited the party financing the project back, but this time, investors can also choose legal prosecution. And financing them said it encouraged investors to choose the first approach, because the company will be listed on the New York Stock Exchange in the second half.
"does not turn, payment date is not guaranteed, and may even go, so many people are forced to choose to the equity share. "The investors told reporters.
for financing City financing package project mention now difficult, platform withdrawal Xia financing package all project of problem, financing city network service Committee Deputy Director Ke Lixin told economic reference reported reporter, actually is financing city network has been in gradually reduced and eventually stop has new project cooperation financing package of online application, such some original in financing city network platform Shang financing of cooperation project cannot continues to in here financing has, need accelerated project itself of business back paragraph, or find new of financing channel, to added project funds flow, Implementation of cooperation projects and settlement obligations. These projects face short-term liquidity pressures, but that doesn't mean the ultimate risk. Finance city network is a system of purely technical and financing services platform, platform technology system service fee only charged, but does not charge any other fees. Cooperation network is not involved in the project financing city itself risks not fallback does not guarantee, there are no advance, there is no so-called "difficult" concepts.
However, when reporters began to ask for some of the funds could not be recovered, city collection which will be adopted by means of financing. Sheng Ke Lixin is not to encourage equity buy-back party assets to prosecute appears overdue for SMEs, this is due to the corporate fund-raising needs time, its business development can't stop, platforms should as far as possible to protect them, prosecution practices makes it easy for SMEs to borrow these moments of collapse and caused a lot of social problems.
the people in the industry said, if two companies are operating independently, financing has no legal right to "encourage" or "not encouraging" interest buy back assets Sheng means overdue enterprises collection. Whether to prosecute or not to prosecute, is Sheng asset rights. Financing for investors "to the equity" programme, more delays, financing than larger financial companies are not confident about the Internet market, financing now on market talk, if not the bragging, is in the lead investors in debt-for-equity, groundwork for dealing with bad debt.
Sheng assets with a cornucopia of legal representative of the assets per capita for Zhang Xuexiang problem, Ke Lixin says Sheng acquirers of assets is part of the financing package project equity is not secured, so there is no "security" problems. All projects are financed on a financing platform party organization, directly to the investors for financing cooperation projects, and independence stand to verify the authenticity of the project, there is no platform since the thaw case.
it is understood that the financing with equity assets of the acquirer Sheng cooperation form: Sheng asset financing "financing package" business project sources, and in case of bad debts, rights acquisition to take toxic assets. Stated in the official website of the city of quadripartite cooperation agreement for financing, Sheng assets for equity buyers, "responsible for the cooperation project equity acquisitions that may arise".
of third party assessment that, in accordance with the generally understood in the industry, "rights buyer" is after the expiration of the "equity interest" from investors to buy back, in accordance with the industry understanding and "reveals" a mean, so-called guarantee, equity buyer only put it one way. Guarantees the financing is playing ball, using arcane words in the contract against the investor.

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