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Chinese new rising financing innovation Forum

April 10 China SMEs financing innovation Forum in Guangxi ASEAN International Exhibition Center held, this times Forum by national SMEs network Union hosted, invited to China SMEs information network, and the provincial SMEs service platform representative, and banking representative, and non-banking financial institutions representative, and field outside market representative, and emerging financial organization and the Internet financial representative of common participation, to fiscal network as Guangzhou Internet financial Association of members units also by invited attended.

This is a "financial's event" was the first time China's financial circles and comprehensive service platform of SMEs in national party, representatives of participating financial institutions are all leaders in their respective fields, have considerable influence in the financing services, the online forum will begin on April 13 over 1000 participating financial institutions.
this forum is focused on the exchange of Internet financial as a forefront of the hottest financial topics, service innovation for SME financing issues elucidated many fresh ideas and opinion.
compared with conventional financing, Internet financial network platform, making full use of information technologies such as cloud computing, big data, a new generation of search engines, in the area of financing showed a strong message open symmetric independent interactive selection, time and space, low cost and high efficiency, flexible and convenient feature of the Internet. Current P2P NET loans, financing for, inter alia, representatives of the rapid development of Internet banking, Internet banking features and financing needs of SMEs have a natural "suitability", solve the financing problem of SMEs use the Internet for financial advantage, from survival to development of SMEs is an important support changes.

with the financing needs of small and medium enterprises gradually showing diversification and individualization and differentiation characteristics, the financing problem of SMEs are affecting the survival of SMEs, development and restructuring of major obstacles.
and based on the long tail theory, SMEs ' belonging to 28 distribution in the "eight", happens to be the effective services of the banking intermediaries and capital markets to object. Therefore, Internet financial network through the line to achieve ease of financing, financial benefits and welfare. This Pratt and reduces small (micro) enterprises ' financing difficulties for medium and small (micro) enterprises bring safe, convenient and transparent financing channels, and truly solve the small (micro) enterprise financing and financing of your problem.


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